I'm New - What to Expect

                                                        What to Expect

    Welcome to the Missoula Seventh-day Adventist Church. We are happy that you chose to worship with us today!

    We have small bible study groups (Sabbath School) every Saturday from 9:30-10:40 am. We offer three adult study groups and  children classes for ages 0-17.

     (Click here to read the current Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide)

    Our worship service starts at 10:45 am with singing praise music and hymns and an opportunity to present prayer requests. We then have an offering appeal, children story, bible reading, and special music. Our sermon starts at around 11:40 and ends at about 12:10.

    On the 2nd and 4th Sabbaths of the month, a Fellowship Lunch is ready about 20 minutes after the sermon. Everyone is welcome to stay and fellowship as we would love to get better acquainted with you!

                  No Dress Code

    Although you will see many people dressed up when you visit with us, we do not have a dress code. Please come as you feel comfortable.